Celebrity Tweets: Tuesday, Jan. 21 with Justin Timberlake, Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian

By Hannah Gullickson,

Winter chills, cocoa spills, and the frosty nights trudge on drearily. But celebrities here aren’t bitten by the winter bites. They’ve got their own announcements, shaking up warmth in the show biz or getting ready for some hot shows coming up.

As we get ready for the Grammy and Oscars, we look back at some of the greatest movies this past year, and we see new trends coming. Some are great, some are hot. Some have sleek new fashions, while others have furry friends or scaly clothes. Whether they’ve gotten new cats or they’re prepping for new albums, these celebs have tweets for the warm at heart, the cheery in spirit, and the cozy who just want a flick of warmth in their day.

And speaking of the warm at heart, the First Family are serving smiles and food as they honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at the DC Central Kitchen. Join us as we celebrate their warmth, their generosity, and enjoy the day as celebs’ tweets are gathered here for our Tuesday’s special.

Spattered in white, here are the legendary names of celebrities, replete with Timberlake himself.

Miley Cyrus’ latest special, Unplugged, is on its way.

Look who’s on her way to the Grammy awards!

Ellen DeGeneres’ got her own announcement for her show!

Kim Kardashian’s trendy new dress shines like sleek silk on a chilly day. Beautiful choice.

I want…a cat.

Someone have a burrito?

There is no bias here.

Keeping in the Python spirit, Eric Idle has donned snake skin.

At the DC Central Kitchen, where employees and volunteers serve food to the homeless, Barack Obama and his family honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.



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