Celebrity Tweets: Wednesday, Dec. 15

By Morgan Cox,

Happy Wednesday, it's almost the weekend! The week is half-way through and with the announcing of Katy Perry's tour, One Direction singer Liam Payne publicly apologizing for a risky photo, and the 7-year anniversary of Justin Bieber's (Kidrauhl) first YouTube video, Twitter is just as exciting as ever! Oh... and did I mention a new season of American Idol begins tonight? Twitter is already buzzing about the premiere, and even past American Idol contestants are ready for the show to air.

Although Twitter has been a bit hostile throughout the beginning of the week due to the Bieber incident and the dangerous stunt pulled by a member of One Direction, today was definitely a day to remember the music. If you're looking for a concert this year or just a good laugh for the day, you'll find it in today's top tweets!

Here are the top tweets from Wednesday, January 15:

Scotty McCreery will be watching the new season!

Jennifer Lopez returns to Idol...

Katy Perry announces her 2014 tour

Liam Payne reassures his fans that it's not the end of the world…

It's been 7 years since Justin Bieber posted his first YouTube video

Ellen has lost Portia...

Demi Lovato announces one of the songs for her soundcheck party for her 2014 tour with a video

Kalin and Myles surprise KAMFAM (fans) with new 2014 tour dates

Demi Lovato squeezes in some relaxation time before kicking off her tour next month



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