Chad Johnson offers to buy tickets to avoid blackout

By Michelle Kapusta,

Former Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver Chad Johnson has offered to buy the team's remaining playoff tickets so it will not be blacked out in the home market.

According to CBS Sports, the Bengals are in danger of not selling out for the team’s upcoming playoff game against the San Diego Chargers. The team still had about 8,000 tickets to sell on Wednesday.

When Johnson heard the news he tweeted “I'll get the rest.”

Cincinnati Enquirer writer Joe Reedy tweeted a response to Johnson’s generous offer, letting him know that the cost would be approximately $910,000 to buy the remaining tickets, minus the service charges.

The outspoken Johnson did not have a follow-up tweet.

The former receiver spent 10 years with the Bengals, pro-football-referenece.com notes. He became an NFL superstar during his time with the team, but his numbers dipped in 2011 when he spent one year and seemed to have a limited role with the New England Patriots.

Johnson has had financial troubles since his NFL career ended. In documents filed in April, he claimed to make about $3,000/month, which immediately disappeared thanks to the $16,525 he already pays in child support.

If Johnson is in the red every month then it doesn’t seem feasible that he can swing the ticket money, therefore fans that want to see the game may have to attend.


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