Chinese rocker Cui Jian drops out of Spring Festival Gala in protest

By Kyle Johnson,

Chinese rocker Cui Jian has backed out of an upcoming appearance for China's Spring Festival Gala to celebrate the Lunar New Year in protest.

Censors for the event told the rocker that he wouldn't be allowed to play the song "Nothing to My Name" and would have to sing something else, reports The Associated Press. His manager You You said that Jian had decided to drop out instead.

"It is not only our regret, but also the gala's," You You said. "Cui Jian has his fans all over the world, so his stage is far beyond the CCTV's gala."

His song "Nothing to My Name" was written in 1986 and became a popular protest song, especially during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

Cui Jian hasn't appeared often in national events partially because he won't lip sync, according to BBC News. But his disappearance from the light is still largely because he fell out of favor for siding with the protesting students in 1989. He said a few years ago, "I was really clear about standing on the students' side."

The AP notes that he has been nicknamed the godfather of Chinese rock and while still popular has had the Chinese government stand in his way as they would not allow Jian to put on some concerts or would censor his lyrics.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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