Connecticut man crashes into gas station to steal banana

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Connecticut man crashed his car into a gas station storefront and then stole a banana early on Wednesday

According to WABC, police are looking for a man who crashed his car into a closed Citgo Gas Station in Newington on yesterday morning and took a banana.

Authorities say the man grabbed a banana off the shelf, peeled and ate it, before exiting the store.

The Associated Press has reported that in the video, a car can be seen repeatedly backing up into the store entrance in an effort to bust the glass doors, which set off the burglar alarm.

The thief must have really wanted a banana because after he got his fix, he left the store without touching another item.

The gas station sustained a considerable amount of damage.

Even though he has been dubbed as the comical “banana bandit,” authorities say they are taking this crime very seriously and are asking anyone with any information to contact police.



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