Cop accused of forcing woman to perform sex acts in patrol car

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Dallas police officer has been accused of forcing a woman to perform sex acts in the back of his squad car in exchange for her freedom.

According to The Dallas Morning Star, an arrest affidavit alleges that on Sept. 9, Officer La’Cori Johnson stopped the woman, had her get in the back of his patrol car, parked in a remote location and sexually assaulted her.

Johnson allegedly had the woman perform sexual acts on him before he forced himself onto her, all while he was on duty. He let her go after he was done.

The incident was reported and Johnson was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. On Tuesday, he was questioned and arrested.

Attorney Kimberly Priest Johnson, no relation, told WFAA that "With any sexual assault, the victim is going to have lasting damage from that attack; but in this particular case, the damage extends beyond the victim, and it impacts the entire public."

Authorities say the 28-year-old officer was charged with the assault and taken to the Dallas County jail.



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