Cops injured trying to break up school brawl in Philadelphia

By Michelle Kapusta,

One school district police officer and one Philadelphia police officer were injured Thursday afternoon trying to break up a fight near a local high school.

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, the officers responded to a large fight that broke out at a bus stop outside the high school and resulted in the arrest of several teens.

WPVI reports that witnesses have said that the incident, which occurred around 3 p.m. local time, started with two female students fighting and later male students got involved.

An all-out brawl ensued and witnesses say one responding officer was jumped by several students.

"The boy had socked the cop that had the stick and there was a couple of them hitting him. They all ran down the alleyway and the cops got him. There was a couple of fights going on as well and they were hitting random people. It was chaos, I've never seen anything like it," said witness Jahrira Nixon.

Both officers are being treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital.

Several students have been questioned by police.



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