Cosmopolitan controversial post sparks anger on Facebook

By Amanda Levine,

Facebook was ablaze with anger last week after a controversial photo was posted by Cosmopolitan magazine. The photo showed a skinny to average looking model on the beach in her swimsuit doing a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Australia.

The post casually stated that ‘plus sized’ model Robyn Lawley was doing a photo shoot for Cosmo Australia, without knowing the repercussions of what their post was to bring.

The Hollywood Gossip stated that although Cosmo did label her as sexy they also labeled her as plus sized, which was is where the backlash comes in.

Despite describing her as "sexy" in their post, that didn’t stop Facebook users to voice how they really felt about the skinny model being labeled as plus sized.

Commenters went crazy claiming that our “society was f---ed,” and that posts like these are why women have such contorted body images. In the real world, this woman would clearly be seen as having a fit body, however, in the world of modeling many were angered to see that women that look like Lawley are considered bigger. The best comment on the photo was from a male that stated in his post, “Sincerely, every man on the planet who has had to reassure his perfectly healthy and proportioned woman she’s not fat because a--holes like you perpetuate this idea in her head that she’s ‘plus size.’”

As beauty and health website, My Tiny Secrets basically puts it; our society has issues if this is what people label as a larger woman.



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