Courtney Love cleared in Twitter lawsuit

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Courtney Love has escaped the libel charges her former lawyer levied against the outspoken singer. The two-week trial concluded Friday.

Reuters reported that a California jury on Friday cleared Love of charges that she libeled her Rhonda Holmes on Twitter in a defamation case. This is considered the first "social media" case to be brought to United States court.

Holmes filed the suit back in May of 2011, Rolling Stone added.

The suit claimed that Love implied that Holmes had taken a bribe back in 2010 with a post on Twitter. The alleged tweet in question was when Love said that Holmes declined to represent her in litigation against the estate of her late husband, Kurt Cobain. The tweet had implied that Holmes was "bought off" to not represent Love.

The 12-member jury decided that Love was innocent after four hours of deliberation. They did find she sent the tweet and that it was damaging, but it wasn't proven that Love knew the statement was false at the time.

Holmes was seeking $8 million in damages but the jury declined to issue that amount of money.

Holmes lawyer spoke about the verdict, "I was really happy for the firm and for me and for everybody that the case could have affected if it had been adverse," said Mitchell Langberg. "The case was about vindication of her reputation."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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