Craig Johnson accidentally takes his parents to 'Nymphomaniac' at Sundance

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Director Craig Johnson accidentally took his parents to one of the most sexual and graphic films to be shown at the Sundance Film Festival, Nymphomaniac.

Johnson was attending the festival to promote his film, The Skeleton Twins and his parents joined him to support his work. During their last night at the festival Johnson took his parents to a secret screening at Sundance. It was not announced what the film would be but many thought it might be the racy film, Nymphomaniac and it was indeed.

Johnson explained to Variety that he didn't know that would be the secret film shown at the Festival, "I thought this is great, it’s my parents’ last night in town. Maybe it’s the new Wes Anderson movie — my mom will like that!" said Johnson.

The director refused to sit next to his parents during the film and even moved down a few rows in theater. Johnson joked that Sundance had given him the weirdest movie experience in his entire life.

Nymphomaniac does show real sex and penetration on screen. The film is currently not rated due to it's strong sexual content, Daily Mail reported. Shia LaBeouf stars in the film.

Johnson's film, The Skeleton Twins was purchased by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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