'The Crazy Ones' episode recap - 'The Face of a Winner'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Sydney, Simon, Zach and Andrew riding in the office elevator. Sydney is holding a trophy for a tournament she just won but lied about her age to enter. We see that Sydney has this obsessive need to win...no matter what.

As they get off the elevator, Simon wants to talk abut to the video game pitch. They tell Simon their pitch idea and Simon likes it. He then asks Sydney where she's at on the "Zen-Phoria spa campaign?" Sydney replies that she's asked Lauren to help since she went to Cosmetology school. Sydney tells Simon that they want "to communicate to the customer that Zen-Phoria is more than just a spa. It's an experience, it's a lifestyle...B.Y.O.Z...Bring your own Zen." Simon praises both teams ideas but then says they won't pitch either one because "inspiration hit me this morning" when he downloaded a new app to his phone. Simon then tells the gang that he wants them to to take the clients "out of their comfort zones" and switch campaigns.

Once Simon leaves, the gang explains about he is messing up their pitches every time he downloads a new app. Then, an advance copy of the video game Medal of Glory is delivered to the agency. Sydney tries to impress the developers of the game with her knowledge of it, but just comes off looking stupid. Andrew and Zach then chime in and save the pitch with their correct knowledge of the game.

Sydney tells Simon that she had the perfect spa pitch and will never be able to "break into the video game boys' club." Simon replied that her spa idea was good but that each campaign needs "a new perspective."

The gang all start playing the game in search of a "new perspective." Sydney fumbles at first then starts getting good at the military-style, shoot 'em up game and her obsessive need to win begins to rear it's ugly head.

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