'The Crazy Ones' episode recap: 'Simon Roberts Was Here'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open with Zach, Andrew and Lauren laughing that someone got Sydney a subscription to the magazine, Older Bride.

Meanwhile, Simon gets everyone lined up to tell them to be in their “best behavior” for a royal arrival. “Don’t get too close, don’t make eye contact and under no circumstances are you to stroke the princess,” Simon says.

The elevator opens and it’s a cat! Simon then introduces Sydney to Judy Mills, of Regal Kitty Cat Foods. Simon promises Judy that Princess will be right at home at the office. Judy tells Simon that she can’t wait to hear their pitch on Wednesday.

Judy then says she was delighted to hear that the agency is now focusing on “hard numbers and data.” Simon doesn’t’ know what she means and then mentions their hiring a “quant.” Then, the “quant,” a pleasant looking Indian gentleman introduces himself and Judy says that he’s the reason her company is there. Simon then hugs the “quant” while softly asking him who he is.

Sydney takes Simon and the “quant” into an office and introduces, Colin, the “quant” as their new Senior Quantitative Analyst. Sydney reminds Simon that they hired Colin after he and Gordon had a big fight and thinks he must have blocked it out. After Colin throws some sophisticated jargon at Simon, he’s sure he blocked it out while Sydney tells Simon that all the big firms are hiring guys like Colin and that he’s the best at what he does. Simon is skeptical but Sydney tells him that Colin is the reason Judy’s company is even considering using them and to give Colin a chance.

Princess is sitting with Sydney in her office when Lauren comes in and tells Sydney that Princess is a male cat. She asks Lauren to take Princess elsewhere. As she leaves with the cat, Sydney tells Lauren that she “isn’t much of a cat person.” Lauren feels bad and convinces Sydney to let Princess stay in her office.

Simon, Andrew and Zach brainstorm a pitch for Judy and Princess, but Colin shoots down all of their ideas and says that his numbers prove that humor doesn’t always sell products. Simon then proposes a bet. Both of them will come up with a print ad for ice. Andrew, Zach and Sydney will be the judges; the winner will give their pitch in front of the Regal Kitty Cat Foods. Colin and Simon shake on it.

We see both Simon and Colin working feverishly on a print ad for ice and their vastly different approaches to coming up with an idea. At the end, they stare each other down.

Lauren unveils both whiteboards with Simon and Colin’s ads for ice. Sydney, Andrew and Zach think they’re both great but don’t know whose is whose! The three of them go back and forth as to which ad is better. Then, Zach says Simon’s ad is better but points to Colin’s ad. Colin then throws his win in Simon’s face.

Sydney vents to Princess the cat about not wanting to wear a hideous purple bridesmaids’ gown to the wedding of one of her friends. She then remembers she has to go to the Maytag meeting and almost forgets the file. Then, she thinks the cat reminded her to take the file. She then goes for her lip gloss but Princess takes it. “Less is more, you’re right,” Sydney tells Princess.

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