'The Crazy Ones' recap

By Sari N. Kent,

The episode begins with a news report about a popular talking kids doll, Randy Jenkins, saying horrific things like, "Kill Mommy." The company that manufactures the doll ordered an immediate recall.

Two of the company's execs come to Simon and the gang begging them to help them do damage control because they don't want to take their biggest seller off the market completely despite pressure from parents. Andrew suggests reminding the country of "what a national treasure you have in Randy," though he admits that the doll creeps him out with her eyes always following him. Simon suggests they "rehab Randy...and teach her to keep her murderous thoughts to herself." He then suggests "a grand apology tour with Randy Jenkins as the Marshall." Sydney adds that she can do "mall appearances, radio spots, essentially reintroduce her to the country." The two execs love their ideas and say they need the campaign by Friday. Simon agrees to their terms.

After the meeting, a little girl comes up to Zach, asks him if he's a doll and asks if she can touch his hair. He agrees, but she sneezes her gum right into his mouth and runs away.

Andrew sees Sydney is in a good mood and she mentions that she has a date. Then, Amanda bursts in and tells Andrew how Sydney is downplaying how psyched she is, how he's a pediatrician and they like all the same things. Andrew thinks it's great that Sydney is dating casually, but Lauren says it isn't casual and Sydney is ready to settle down. Sydney denies this, but then rattles off how perfect they are for each other. Andrew says that he sounds great but asks Sydney not to get her hopes up. She says she won't but then gives a scenario that ends with her and the pediatrician getting married. Simon then comes over and tells Sydney that she has to take over yet another campaign because the two people assigned to it called in sick. Lauren then chimes that a few others did too and blames Zach since the little girl sneezed on him. Sydney tells Zach to go home but Simon won't let him since they're already short staffed. Sydney then tells Simon that Kyle, the pediatrician, has been trying to set their date up for months and if she gets sick she can't go and some other girl will snatch him up, "Don't you want grandkids?" Simon replies that he does, but right now wants Zach more. Sydney agrees but says that anyone who gets sick has to be quarantined and tells Zach to "get into your cage Outbreak monkey." Zach denies that he's sick even when Lauren and Simon lock him in a conference room.



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