Daily Wrap of All Things for Jan. 10: James Marsden, 'Catching Fire,' Shia LaBeouf, Larry Speakes, Sarah Palin

By Stephanie Cano,
Here's our daily wrap for Friday January 10

James Marsden is being considered for the male lead in Nicholas Sparks’ movie adaptation of The Best of Me. The film, which revolves around the story of high school sweethearts in North Carolina, was originally set to star Paul Walker. Walker passed away in a fiery car crash in Nov. leaving Marsden as a possible replacement. Marsden, as seen in Anchor Man 2 and 2 Guns, has been labeled one to watch this year.

The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, nabbed the top grossing film of 2013 title after making $400,000 more than Iron Man 3 in the domestic box office. According to Lionsgate, the sequel has made around $409.4 million since it was released almost 49 days ago. Mockingjay, the conclusion to the Hunger Games trilogy, will be released in two parts on Nov. 21, 2014 and Nov. 20, 2015.

Shia LaBeouf vowed to bow out of the spotlight today after weeks of backlash for the alleged plagiarism of David Clowes' work. LaBeouf allegedly plagiarized Clowes’ Justin M. Damiano in his short film HowardCantour.com. LaBeouf has sent out a series of apologetic tweets for his actions and even hired a sky writer to apologize to Clowes. Today he decided he would be leaving the public eye entirely and cites attacks against his “artistic integrity” as the reason.

Former Spokesman for Ronald Reagan, Larry Speakes, passed away on Friday at the age of 74. Speakes, who worked with Reagan from 1981-1987, was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and passed away in his sleep while at home in Cleveland, Miss.

Sarah Palin has a new reality show on the Sportsman Channel that she hopes will reach a young female audience. Amazing America with Sarah Palin is an outdoor reality show that focuses on the outdoors and trying to live a healthier way of life. Palin hopes to target a young female audience with her new show in an effort to inspire a healthier lifestyle and showcase the pioneering lifestyle of Alaska.



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