Daily Wrap of All Things for Jan 20: NBC, 'Star Wars,' and weakest passwords

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Here’s our daily wrap for Monday, January 20:

NBC has decided on a second musical to air live on their network. The network announced that Peter Pan will be their next musical and will be a remake of the original Broadway show. NBC’s first musical The Sound of Music brought in 18.6 million viewers and the same production team will be working on the new musical.

JJ Abrams was seen at the Television Critics Association Press Tour where he made a comment about the newest Star Wars film. According to Abrams, the script is finished and the film will most likely not be shot in IMAX due to the fact that those cameras are very unreliable. The film is set to hit theaters December 2015.

SplashData released their annual list of the worst passwords and surprisingly “password” is no longer in the number one spot. The number one spot has been taken over by the password “123456.” The list was helped out by the Adobe security breach last year that revealed the amount of users using weak passwords. Many use a sequence of numbers or the word “adobe” in their passwords.



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