Damon Lindelof leaves questions in the new HBO series, 'The Leftovers'

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

In the HBO drama The Leftovers, slated to go into production next month, writer Damon Lindelof promises unanswered questions.

The new HBO series follows characters that remain on the planet three years after two percent of the Earth’s population disappears without explanation. The Leftovers is based on Tom Perrotta’s novel of the same name. Justin Theroux will be starring in the drama.

This kind of material, in some ways, is common ground to Lindelof, whose previous credits include Star Trek Into Darkness, Prometheus and World War Z. He says he thinks The Leftovers will appeal to wide audiences, although it may not be for everybody.

Lindelof, who wrote the pilot of The Leftovers with Tom Perrotta, told The Hollywood Reporter, "Hopefully what you're going to care about when you watch the show more and more is how these characters are dealing with this situation in terms of living in this world and interacting with each other and less about what happened and where everybody went and why."

The idea for a series of The Leftovers gained momentum last year, and HBO ordered nine episodes of the drama, according to Variety. It will premiere this summer.

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