Dan Le Batard banned from future HOF votes

By Michelle Kapusta,

A day after sports journalist Dan Le Batard gave up his vote to the website Deadspin, he received a lifetime ban for future Hall of Fame voting Thursday.

According to the Miami Herald, the radio and TV host allowed Deadspin readers to decide his baseball HOF picks. His selections were then based on a poll by who the readers felt belonged in Cooperstown.

The Baseball Writers' Association of America did not find the move amusing and in addition to barring Le Batard from casting future ballots, he has been kicked out of the Association for one year, ESPN notes.

Having a vote is considered a privilege, but in recent years the baseball HOF voting has been scrutinized because of the differences of opinion as to whether or not to vote players connected to steroids in.

Le Bartard gave away his vote to take a stance against the Hall not allowing certain players in.

On Deadspin he wrote, "I hate all the moralizing we do in sports in general, but I especially hate the hypocrisy in this. I always like a little anarchy inside the cathedral we've made of sports."

He also addressed the issue on his TV show Highly Questionable saying he understands the consequences of his actions and realizes he may no longer have a vote.



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