Dedicated brain surgeon walks six miles through snowstorm to perform brain surgery

By Elizabeth Learned,

Doctors have always been dedicated to saving the lives of their patients. One doctor in Alabama showed his dedication to his work when he walked through a snowstorm in order to get to the hospital for a life saving brain surgery.

According to NBC News, Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw of Birmingham, Alabama had to get to Trinity Medical Center in order to perform emergency brain surgery on a patient. He had been at Brookwood Medical Center and immediately made the trip, although the hospital was miles away.

However, a snowstorm caused traffic to be delayed, so he made the six-mile walk in order to be in the operating room by 12:45pm. Being the hospital’s only brain surgeon, and knowing the patient wouldn’t survive without surgery, Hrynkiw knew what he had to do.

CBS News reports that Trinity’s neuro-intensive care charge nurse Steve Davis spoke with the doctor by cell phone, but they were unable to communicate due to poor reception. Davis finally heard Hrynwik say, “I’m walking.”

Hrynkiw, an avid walker, made the six-mile trek in order to save the patient’s life, whom Davis said was doing just fine. Davis was impressed by Hrynkiw’s dedication, saying, “When I saw him, all I could say is, ‘you are a good man.’”



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