Detroit woman stripped, burnt with blowtorch, stabs attacker

By Michelle Kapusta,

A woman in Detroit was forced into a car, stripped naked and burnt with a blowtorch before she stabbed her attacker.

According to the Detroit Free Press, police are investigating an assault that took place Wednesday morning, where a woman ended up stabbing a man in the eye as he was attacking her.

Police say while the woman was walking down the street, the suspect approached her, put a gun to the back of her head and forced her into a car.

“Once inside the vehicle, he struck her several times in the face,” said Detroit police spokesman officer Adam Madera. “And then he began ripping her clothes off.”

A violent struggle ensued when the woman tried to fend him off and he burned her with a blowtorch. She was able to escape by stabbing him in the eye with a screw driver, police say.

The Detroit News reported that the woman was taken to a nearby hospital and listed in stable condition.



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