'Devil baby' cruises around New York City in remote-controlled stroller, scaring the daylight out of people in 'Devil's Due' viral campaign (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

There’s a viral video floating around that shows a seemingly possessed baby popping up out of its stroller in New York City. It’s part of Thinkmodo’s marketing campaign for the film Devil’s Due.

Innocent bystanders who saw the abandoned stroller are seen going up to check on it after hearing the voice of a baby crying. But when they touch the blanket to reveal the baby’s face they get a scare of a lifetime.

The Daily News notes the peoples’ reactions are compiled in the viral marketing video, which was already viewed over 4 million times in just one day.

The “devil baby’s” stroller is remote-controlled, which startles people as it is, but when the scary-looking baby pops up he growls, grunts and even flips the middle finger.

"People were totally cool with being in the video after getting the living hell scared out of them. Each reaction ended with a laugh, and everyone loved the look of the baby,” Thinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka told Yahoo Movies.

Devil’s Due hits theaters on Jan. 17.

image: YouTube screenshot



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