Disney wins 'Frozen' title lawsuit, 'Frozen Land' goes back to original title

By Daniel S Levine,

Less than a month after Disney filed a lawsuit against Phase 4 Films, which it claims changed the title of a movie just to cash in on the success of Frozen, the battle is over. Disney has emerged victorious.

In December, Disney complained that Phase 4 Films had changed the name of The Legend of Sarila to Frozen Land after Sarila was released. The film with its original title flopped, but after Frozen quickly became a smash hit, the movie was re-released with the word Frozen in the title.

Disney said the move was made to “intentionally” mislead consumers into thinking Frozen Land had anything to do with the Oscar-nominated Frozen.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Phase 4 has decided to give Sarila its old title back. Disney also made sure that Phase 4 does not get to use promotional material with logos made up to look similar to the publicity for Frozen.

Disney also gets $100,000 from Phase 4.

Frozen has been in theaters since Nov. 22, 2013 and has grossed $337.4 million domestically and $426.5 million at the international box office.

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