Disney's 'Frozen' to get a possible sequel

By Alyssa Jean,

Disney's latest animated feature Frozen has broken box-office records and is one of only five Disney animated films to reach No. 1 on the Billboard top 200 chart for their Broadway-bound soundtrack. With all of the success of the film, Disney CEO Bob Iger has already expressed plans for a Broadway musical and the possibility of an upcoming sequel.

Disney and Pixar are known for their animated feature films, however, it has been awhile since experiencing the type of success they have been recently receiving.

According to Disney Dreaming, Iger expressed how the success of Frozen was a major milestone for the company, helping put them back in a good place both financially and reputation wise. Iger then revealed how he is also focused on bringing more films like Frozen to movie theaters world wide in hopes of creating a sequel to the widely admired film.

Iger was also not shy with Fortune Magazine about sharing what Disney considered disappointments, like their 2009 release The Princess and The Frog. He spoke about how their recent icy film has given their company a new hope and sense of accomplishment.

While confirmation and a release date is yet to be known for a sequel, Disney is demanding that it be just as spectacular as the first.

Frozen tells a beautiful story revolving around two sisters who must join together to thaw their kingdom after it is hit by a very magical snowstorm during the summer. The inspiring and catchy soundtrack includes the voices of Broadway veterans Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad, who each added to the major success of the musical film.

Fans can expect to see the award-winning animated film on store shelves March 18.

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