Driver loses hand in Jeep explosion

By Michelle Kapusta,

A man in North Spokane, Wash. lost his hand after a firecracker exploded in his Jeep.

According to the Associated Press, the explosion sent debris flying over half a block, which prompted fears over the man's intent, neighbors and officials said.

KREM reported that police responded to a report of an explosion just after 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

When they arrived, they found the vehicle with blood spattered all over the windshield and an unidentified male injured inside.

Witnesses described seeing a flash just before the detonation and say the explosion even rattled some houses in the residential neighborhood.

"I looked around for something that got hit, but there was nothing," said Donald Wilkes, who made his way outside to find the red Jeep up against his fence. "My son reached in to pull the keys out of the ignition and make sure he didn't go anywhere, and that's when we saw his hand was missing. It blew it right off at his wrist — they found part of it half a block away."

The roadway has reopened, but an investigation into the incident is still ongoing.



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