Drugs found in Justin Bieber's home thought to be molly, not cocaine like previously reported

By Gina DiFalco,

When Justin Bieber’s Calabasas home was raided on Tuesday due to his neighbor’s allegations that he had egged his home on Thursday, the pop star’s friend Lil Za was arrested for felony drug possession.

Eleven Los Angeles County Sheriff’s patrol officers raided the home in connection with the search warrant they obtained to find any information about the egg-throwing incident. While there, they detained Bieber and several other people and arrested Lil Za for what they thought to be cocaine possession.

However, according to LA Times, it’s now believed that the drugs in question are Molly, the pure form of MDMA.

Police spokesman Steve Whitmore said, “You have to analyze any evidence to see what comes forward. "It may not be that particular narcotic,” adding, “Let’s just wait and see, but we’re fairly certain it’s a controlled substance,”

TMZ reports Bieber, 19, has been friends with Lil Za for years. The drugs were in "in plain view,” cops said.

image: FOX



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