Ed Sheeran shares release date of second album

By Alyssa Jean,

Get ready Ed Sheeran fans (otherwise known as “Sheerios”): the red-headed singer-songwriter revealed the release date of his second album, however, he remains coy on other details involving the record.

According to NovaFM, Sheeran’s follow up album is to be released on February 17, 2014. In an interview with noise11.com, the UK native also left the title of the new album unknown leaving fans to guess as to what it could possibly be. Regarding the title, Sheeran stated, "It doesn't start with a letter."

noise11.com shared more on the singer’s plans for his new album and the promotion of it. In regards to where fans can hear the new songs before the release of the actual record, Sheeran says he will not be playing them at any live shows.

He elaborated saying, “Coldplay does that and big bands can ease in new songs to their set but my fans are so viral that the moment that I’d play a new song every one of them would hear it.” The singer, popularly known for his ginger-red locks, is adamant that his “Sheerios” only hear the songs after they are “ready."

While Sheeran did name one of the songs on the album like “Photograph,” which he says will be the “big” song of the album, he also says that he wants his fans to actually listen to the meaning of the music.

Sheeran said regarding his fans and their viral ways of sharing, “They are on YouTube and Twitter and I think there should be some surprise. I don’t want everyone knowing what the record is before they get it. I want them to listen to it first.”

Sheeran astonished listeners with his natural talent when his 2011 album, +, was released. Since then, Sheeran has toured with Grammy award winner Taylor Swift, and was even nominated for Best New Artist at the 2014 Grammy Awards. His song “A Team” was nominated for a Grammy for Song of The Year in 2013.

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