Egyptian protesters killed on anniversary of Arab Spring

By Kyle Johnson,

Seven people were killed on Saturday during anti-government protests on the three-year anniversary of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's fall.

The continued unrest shows how little things have ultimately improved in three years. Armed with teargas, security did their best to try and keep protesters from returning to the location of the original uprising: Tahrir Square, reports Reuters.

Those who marched on Tahrir Square are placing their support behind the army head who helped overthrow Mubarak. The protesters were chanting for General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Those killed on Saturday were split across different locations, with four dying in the capital near the Square and another two in fights between protesters and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Mursi in the town of Minya. A woman was also killed in Alexandria clashes.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Saturday's death follow on Friday, where six where killed during several explosions in the capital.

One protester, Mohamed Salem, said, "The [Muslim] Brotherhood and their associates can try to spread fear all they want." He added, "They can try to bomb the whole country, but that ill not scare us."

Amnesty International claimed on Thursday that 1,400 people have died over the past seven months while the military supported government held power because of politically-motivated violence.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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