Elton John spoke out against an anti-gay law in Russia

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Elton John has been taking on some large issues. The singer explained that he has been concerned about an anti-gay law in Russia.

According to the Associated Press, John declared his support of the Russian people and said he would attempt to promote understanding.

John said he visited Russia in December and was concerned about how he would be treated as “an openly gay foreigner.” He says he felt accepted during his travel despite the country's harsh new anti-gay law. As an activist, he had more than a few carefully chosen words about the law. John went so far as to say that the new law legitimized “vicious homophobia” against gay Russians.

John also said he would introduce Russian President Vladimir Putin to gay Russians to help promote understanding. Putin already commented on the issue, saying that he doesn’t care about a person’s sexual orientation, and that he isn’t prejudiced in any way. According to Reuters, Putin said that he would meet with entertainers or athletes about this issue.

Image: NBC



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