Evander Holyfield scolded by 'Celebrity Big Brother UK' producers for comments on homosexuality being a 'handicap' that doctors can fix

By Gina DiFalco,

Former heavyweight boxing champ, Evander Holyfield, is under fire for comments he made on Celebrity Big Brother UK about homosexuality.

He was talking to costar Luisa Zissman when he expressed his stance on being gay, saying it’s something doctors can fix. He made the comments when Zizzman asked if there were any gay boxers.

According to TMZ, Holyfield referred to it as a “handicap” that can be cured. Zissman repeatedly told him he was wrong and that he shouldn’t be saying those things in a house where cameras are documenting their every move, but he wouldn’t budge or apologize.

Holyfield was then taken into a separate room by producers, who told him that his views "aren't the views that are held by a large section of society” and that they’re “inappropriate.” Holyfield said he understood how people could be offended by this, but it’s what he believes in.

EW notes the devout Christian was then told not to speak about it anymore while on the show.

Watch their conversation below:

image: Wikimedia Commons



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