First time: Farmer and sons arrested thanks to Predator drone

By Raquel Luster,

Now the Predator drone can be useful to law enforcement throughout the country. Not only can it track the activities of world criminals, but also those of American troublemakers.

As reported by FOX News, the first time a Predator drone was used to aid police officials occurred in North Dakota. A farmer, Rodney Brossart, and his sons were accused of stealing their neighbor’s cattle in 2011, and when later approached by officers, they protested with arms.

The drone was not wandering around North Dakota and just so happened to see activity by Brossart and sons; it was ordered to do so.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, this story is wide spread because the Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke involved the U.S. Border Patrol and used a drone to do surveillance on the area, which aided in their arrests.

An example has been made for law-breaking citizens. No matter how you cover your tracks or resist authorities, the law could use a drone to catch your schemes.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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