Florida man attacks Wal-Mart customer in express lane

By Morgan Cox,

Although many people find a trip to Wal-Mart to be a hassle, an elderly Florida man decided enough was enough when another customer in front of him brought more than 20 items to be checked out in the express lane.

According to Washington Times, William E. Golladay is facing felony battery charges for attacking John L. Malherbe at a Wal-Mart in Charlotte County on Saturday.

In a police report, it is said that the man was checking out in the express lane when Golladay began counting his items. After becoming very angry, he began yelling in his face and telling Malherbe he had "too many items to be in the 20 items or less lane."

Golladay then shoved his cart into Malherbe, injuring his right elbow, as reported by NBC 6.

Malherbe was escorted out of the Wal-Mart building, but returned shortly after, only to be escorted out again. Nearby witnesses said Golladay intentionally shoved the cart into Malherbe and appeared to be "out of control."

It is unknown if Golladay had an attorney.



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