Fox developing 'Magic: The Gathering' film

By Kyle Johnson,

If a movie can be made out of the board game Battleship, then why not a card game? Twentieth Century Fox has nabbed the film rights for Magic: The Gathering.

The hope is to turn the Hasbro-owned card game into a franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who first reported on the acquisition.

The movie will be overseen by 20th Century Fox executives Ryan Jones and Kira Goldberg, with Hasbro's Daniel Persitz involved. Aditya Sood and Josh Feldman of Genre Films are set to be executive producers, while Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, Stephen Davis and Wizards of the Coast president Greg Leads will help produce.

The card game was first introduced by the now Hasbro-owned Wizards of the Coast back in 1993. Magic remains a popular property to this day.

The adaptation will ultimately be put together by Fox's Simon Kinberg, who has been involved in big film properties such as X-Men: Days of Future Past and other superhero films, reports HitFix.

There is no word yet on how Fox plans to adapt the popular Wizards of the Coast card game.

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