French first lady Valerie Trierweiler in hospital following affair reports

By Kyle Johnson,

Valerie Trierweiler, who is known as France's first lady despite not being married to President Francois Hollande, went to the hospital after reports surfaced of the president having an affair with an actress.

Trierweiler's chief of staff, Patrice Biancone, said that the first lady was hospitalized for "rest and a few tests," reports The Associated Press. She is supposed to leave the hospital on Monday.

She went into the hospital on Friday, which was the same day that French tabloid Closer, published the seven page spread allegedly showing Hollande entering an apartment block with actress Julie Gayet.

The French president has historically low approval numbers as the populace hasn't been happy with the slow economy, but many don't seem too bothered about the affair, though they were questioned before it was learned that Trierweiler went to the hospital.

An Ifop poll done for Journal du dimanche found that 77 percent feel that the affair shouldn't be anyone's business but Hollande's and that it did not change their opinion of him.

Another poll, an Ipsos poll done for Le Point magazine also showed a slight pump in Hollande's approval rating after the affair was reported, notes The Australian. His approval rating ticked up slightly to 24 percent from 23 percent. Unfortunately for the president, 77 percent still saw him unfavorably, which is the same number as previous polls have reported.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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