“General Hospital “ weekly recap: 1/13 – 1/17

By Sari N. Kent,
Det. West accused Silas about writing the prescription that caused his wife Nina to go into a coma, Silas denied writing the prescription, Sam told Silas that she thinks Ava was behind Nina’s coma, Carlos told Patrick that he was the father of Sabrina’s baby, Lucas returned to town and met Sam, Lulu met Det. Nathan West but didn’t tell him she was his new partner, Dante’s wife.

Silas suddenly appeared at the PCPD and grabbed West roughly, upset about his visit to Sam. Dante pulled Silas off West and Silas then agreed to answer West’s questions. They headed into the interrogation room and West asked if Nina was on antidepressants because of his affair with Ava, because at the time Silas denied his affair. Silas didn’t think it was relevant to her overdose. West then slid over a bag with a prescription for Nina’s antidepressant in its liquid form, prescribed to Silas the day his wife went into her coma. West then said that he thought Silas wrote it, filled it and injected Nina. Silas replied that he never saw the prescription and left. Outside the interrogation room, Michael arrived and asked Dante for his help in finding Carly. Michael added that he didn’t trust Franco and begged Dante for his help. They left together.

Alexis visited Sam at the penthouse. She told her that she heard from Molly that Sam and Silas had a nice New Year’s Eve and she was happy someone appreciated Sam for the amazing woman she was. She then asked if things were getting serious and Sam told her they were until she found out Silas had a wife. Sam then told her that everything and Alexis wondered why he kept it a secret until now. Sam admitted she found out the truth from a cop. When she asked Silas, he told her that when Silas' wife went into a coma, the cops suspected Silas because of his affair with Ava. Alexis was surprised how much Silas had kept hidden but had to dash when she got a text. Later, Sam let Silas in and he told her about West’s prescription evidence. They both wondered if Ava was to blame.

At Sabrina and Felix’s apartment, Carlos promised her that he would make her happy and be there for her and the baby. Then, Patrick knocked and Sabrina pushed for Carlos to hide and told him that whatever she said to Patrick, he wasn’t a part of it. She opened the door and Patrick asked if she was pregnant. She admitted that she was while Carlos listened from the bedroom. Patrick was surprised considering how safe they were, but offered to support her no matter what. Then, Carlos made his presence known and told Patrick not to worry because the baby was his. Patrick didn’t believe him, but Carlos told him he and Sabrina slept together after their non-wedding. Patrick looked to Sabrina for confirmation.



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