General Hospital: Weekly Recap – Week of 1/20-1/24

By Sari N. Kent,

Luke found Carly at the Quartermaine boathouse but Heather thwarted their escape, Sabrina made Felix promise not to tell Patrick that he’s her baby’s father but Elizabeth overheard them, Dr. Liesl Obrecht was named GH’s newest Chief of Staff much to everyone’s surprise and disgust, Det. West arrested Silas for his wife’s attempted murder.

At GH, Felix asked Sabrina to stop giving him the silent treatment. He apologized for revealing to Patrick that she was pregnant. As he reiterated that it was Patrick’s baby, Patrick and Robin walked up but didn’t overhear. Patrick thought that Robin would be offered the Chief of Staff position. As they left, Felix curiously demanded answers about why Sabrina hadn't told Patrick that he was her baby's father. Sabrina shot back that it was her decision and asked Felix to go along with her lies. Felix promised that nobody would hear from him that Patrick was really the father of Sabrina’s baby. In the hallway, Britt ran into Silas, and they spoke of the Chief of Staff position. Meanwhile, in the meeting room, Patrick told Robin that he was sorry about the baby drama. Robin replied that she hoped that Felix would stop bugging Patrick now. Silas and Britt arrived and pondered how someone in the room would soon be named Chief of Staff. Then, Monica entered. The "board member guy," as Silas put it, entered. He said that he would like to have Monica back, but announced that the final choice for the position was... Britt assumed it was her, but then Liesl Obrecht entered and announces that it was her.

Lucas ran into Sam outside Kelly’s. Julian approached and revealed that he needed to speak to his daughter, referring to Sam. Lucas announced that he was Julian’s son. An overwhelmed Julian expressed his desire to get to know Lucas, but Lucas rejected Julian’s offer for a hug and left. Sam then told Julian that she thought he was scum and didn’t want to have anything to do with him for refusing to help Danny.

Silas knocked on the door to Michael’s apartment. He mentioned that he wanted to talk about his wife. Kiki then started to congratulate him on marrying Sam, but he explained that he was already married to someone else. Silas then told Kiki how his wife had been in a coma for over 20 years. Then, he got beeped to go to GH and asked her if they could talk later. She said that they could and thanked him for coming over. After he left, Franco showed up and begged Kiki to hide him. Then, Michael arrived as Franco quickly hid in the next room. After a slight hesitation, Kiki opened the door for Michael. Michael told Kiki about how the knife found on the scene with his mom’s blood has Franco’s prints. Michael then fumed about how his mom convinced herself that she would be safe with Franco, then apologized to Kiki. She then said that there was something that she needed to tell him.

At the Quartermaine’s, Tracy complained to Monica that she was reduced to reading the news online, then she suggested that they go to the boathouse to deal with the raccoon. Monica explained that she expected to soon be reinstated as Chief of Staff and had to be going. Tracy then wondered aloud what was taking Luke so long at the boathouse and said that she had to go down there.

At the boathouse, Luke found Carly tied up. He rushed to undo her gag and Carly said that it wasn’t Franco who did this to her…it was Heather Webber. Then, Heather returned and pulled a gun on both of them. Luke told Heather that it was a bad habit she had, tying people up in abandoned shacks. When Luke grabbed a club, Heather told him that if she had to shoot him, she would. He wrangled the gun out of her hands with the club, but then two men showed up and knocked Luke out. Carly screamed for Luke to wake up and asked a now triumphant Heather who these men were. Later, Tracy banged on the door to the boathouse, then she entered and found it wrecked and empty.



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