'General Hospital' weekly recap: Week of 12/30/13-1/4/14

By Sari N. Kent,

Emma unofficially conducted Robin and Patrick’s wedding vow renewal ceremony, Britt told Lulu and Dante that they couldn’t harvest anymore embryos, Sam and Silas finally made love, newcomer NYPD cop Nathan West came to town on the prowl for Silas and Ava and Morgan told Julian, 'I want out!'

At GH, Silas caught the elevator as he left Ava a message about the calls he’d been getting from the NYPD cop. He told her that they needed to meet and solve this problem. He hung up muttering that he wouldn't lose Sam over this problem.

In the exam room, Britt stopped the ultrasound and apologized to Dante and Lulu and told them that she wouldn't be able to create new embryos. They were confused and wanted more options. Britt replied that she would try but didn't think the outcome would be any different.

Sam and Nikolas found themselves waiting for their respective dates at The Metro Court so they sat together in the meantime. She made a toast to Dante and Lulu in hopes that their procedure went well. Nikolas replied that he was certain Britt would be able to give them a baby. They were about to discuss their current relationships when Silas arrived. Nikolas then allowed Silas to whisk Sam away but warned him that the Cassadines take care of their own and he should be good to his cousin. When Britt arrived, she couldn't tell Nikolas that it went well with Dante and Lulu. After dinner, Silas and Sam toyed with ideas of what they could do. He finally suggested getting a room. She replied that she would like that. Upstairs, they enjoyed champagne before kissing. Then, he asked if she was sure and she responded that she was. They then make love, taking a break during the fireworks when Sam hoped the New Year would be less exciting for them. Later, on the terrace, Nikolas wanted to start the New Year by telling Britt how much she meant to him so he kissed her passionately during the fireworks.

At Maxie's, Nathan West introduced himself and explained that the agency sent him to sublet her apartment. She gave him a tour and confused him when she offered her room. He wondered if her roommate moved out suddenly and asked what happened. She confessed that her roommate moved to Portland with the love of her life and her daughter. He surprised her when he handed her a handkerchief. He replied that his mother warned how one never knew when they'd find a damsel in distress. He understood her need for a spiritual journey and admitted that he hadn't had the best year himself. She thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for him to turn things around. Then, he told her that he didn't know anyone in Port Charles and thought they could pick up the pieces together. She replied that his offer was nice but that she couldn't stay and had to leave before the stroke of midnight. He wished her good luck when she left and smiled at a picture of her that he found. Later, Nathan left Silas a message that he wasn’t going away.

Robin was silent at home as Emma promised them that she wouldn’t fall asleep like she did last New Year's Eve with Sabrina. Patrick explained they were having a special evening renewing their wedding vows. Emma wondered who would marry them. Then, Patrick and Robin realized that they didn't need anyone official and they could have anyone do it. Emma then said that she wanted to do the honors in front of her stuffed animal witnesses. Both Robin and Patrick repeated the vows from their wedding day. Emma stopped Patrick's premature kiss and gave them their rings. After they put them on Emma announced, "Now you can kiss the bride." Later, Patrick and Robin shared champagne as the New Year began. Meanwhile, Emma was asleep on the couch.

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