'General Hospital' weekly recap: Week of 1/6/14-1/10/14

By Sari N. Kent,
Newcomer Det. Nathan West finally tracked Silas down, Ava threatened Carly, Sonny and Robin were reunited, Sam learned that Silas has a wife, Robin and Patrick learned that Sabrina was pregnant, Carlos offered to raise Patrick’s baby with Sabrina and Heather made Carly sign a fake goodbye note and delivered it to Franco’s hotel room.

Behind Kelly’s, Shawn assured Sonny that no one would hear about the warehouse from TJ. Then, TJ walked in and Sonny wanted to know why he was in the warehouse in the first place. TJ replied that he was worried about Shawn after what Molly had told him. They soon realized that Morgan had used Molly & TJ to flush out Carlos whereabouts and Sonny then insisted that TJ leave town before Julian retaliated. TJ agreed but wanted time to say goodbye to Molly. Later, Shawn thanked Sonny for taking care of TJ. Sonny then wonders if he made Morgan a target by keeping him away from the business.

At the PCPD, Rafe Jr. told Anna that TJ saw what happened at the warehouse. Rafe Jr. wanted to remain anonymous and Anna said that she would do her best, and protect him if needed.

Nathan confronted Silas at the hospital. Silas was confused about why he wanted to discuss something that happened 20 years ago. Nathan replied that he just wanted his version of the events. Silas suggested that he call his lawyer Diane. Nathan then told Silas that he transferred to the PCPD and they would be seeing a lot of each other. As Silas moved to leave, he left a message for Diane as Rafe Jr. showed up. He told Silas that he just did something very wrong.

At home, Sam and Molly talked about Sam’s evening with Silas. Molly assumed Sam had more fun than she did on New Year’s Eve, considering it was the first time she slept with Silas. Sam was shocked by Molly’s question, but then admitted that it was their first time, that she trusts Silas and saw a future with him. Sam then wondered why all the questions and Molly admitted that it had to do with Rafe Jr. because the closer Sam got to Silas, the more Rafe Jr. would be around and it will be uncomfortable. Molly then took a call from TJ and told Sam that she had to go meet him at Kelly’s right away. Later, Sam was thinking about her night with Silas when the bell rang. It was Det. Nathan West and he wanted to talk her about Silas.

Franco opened his hotel room door and saw a mud-spattered Heather. It was actually Olivia. She told him how she wasn’t convinced that Franco was better from his tumor surgery considering Heather was his crazy mom. Franco had forgotten about her relationship with Steve and she reminds him that their fathers were very different people but both had terrible taste in women. Olivia then said that she thought they both got their ability to kill from Heather, but that was where the similarity ended. He disagreed, he feels terrible about everything. He then saw Heather again and Olivia, chuckled, that she could tell he was having a vision. He suggested they each worry about their own hallucinations. Olivia then warned him that she would figure out a way to kick him out of the hotel despite Carly.



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