Gerard Butler in talks to play Patrick Swayze's character in 'Point Break' remake

By Kyle Johnson,

Gerard Butler is in final negotiations to play the late Patrick Swayze's character of Bodhi in the upcoming remake of Point Break, but no word yet on who will play Keanu Reeves' Johnny Utah.

The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, which noted that The Fast & the Furious cinematographer Ericson Core is directing the movie. The screenplay was written by Kurt Wimmer.

Once casting is complete, the goal is to begin filming Point Break in the summer.

The script will follow the original movie's plot, which featured Utah going undercover with a crime ring that had Bodhi at the top and who liked to wear masks. Those in the crime ring were also into extreme sports in-between heists, especially surfing. The main characters will retain their names from the 1991 movie that was directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

According to The Guardian, the RocknRolla actor has several other films he's involved in that start filming soon, including the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen and Gods of Egypt, where he will play Set - the god of darkness.

image: Getty Images/Image.net



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