‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Goliath and David

By Lena Finkel,

When we last left off on The Good Wife, Alicia and Will were at each other’s throats and Marilyn was pregnant with baby Peter.

Of course, the moment that Eli hears of the news, he launches into attack mode. Marilyn, the ethics chair, is going to have the governor’s baby? Not on Eli’s watch! But while Marilyn is ready to admit that the baby’s name was inspired by its father, she refuses to admit to the father’s identity.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Cary are approached by two musicians who believe that they have a big-money lawsuit on their hands. The guys had covered the rap song “Thicky Trick,” and had even rewritten the melody. But unfortunately the Glee-esque TV show Drama Camp had stolen their version, and without giving them credit.

Sound familiar? The suit is based on the real-life lawsuit between musician Jonathan Coulton and Glee, which had stolen Coulton’s version of “Baby Got Back.”

And just like the real thing, The Good Wife musicians had also failed to get the correct rights to the song, and therefore didn’t have a leg to stand on. But Alicia has a plan. The lawyers and musicians go right to the source and agree to give the original rapper $5 for the rights. Problem solved! Or maybe not…

Just when they think that everything is working in their favor, opposing lawyer Burl Preston and his new BFF Will Gardner arrive on the scene. The two announce that they’ve stolen the rights from under their noses, and are now suing them.

And while Cary wants to lay low, Alicia declares that they are going ahead with their suit. Let the games begin!

But the court case turns into yet another silly battle between Will and Alicia, with each of them going for the low blows. Despite their nonsense, the judge eventually rules as suspected: Drama Camp clearly stole their cover version, but unfortunately they had every legal right to do so.

Cary and Alicia aren’t ready to give up quite yet, however, and try a few more tactics to prove their case. But it isn’t until Robyn pulls a Hail Mary that they make any headway. When listening to the Swedish iTunes version of the song, she notices a little glitch in the soundtrack: bowling balls in the background (just like the musicians' version had). In other words, the Swedish version literally used the musicians’ soundtrack in the recording. Caught red-handed! Burl Preston and Will have no choice but to fold.

In the other part of town, Kalinda is on a mission to find Marilyn’s baby daddy, as per Eli’s request. She follows the case as far as it can go, but it looks like all roads point to Peter Florrick as the father.

But just when Eli is about to pull his hair out, Marilyn announces that the actual father is Peter Bogdanovich. Hmm, guess Eli was wrong all along. But while he was busy dealing with this Marilyn drama, he fails to realize that the press has discovered that way back in Season 4, the DNC fixed Peter’s election.

What will become of Peter’s career now? Better think quick Eli…

image: CBS



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