‘The Good Wife’ Recap: 'We, the Juries'

By Lena Finkel,

After making us wait more than a month, The Good Wife has retuned with an embarrassingly cringe-worthy episode. The case of the week was convoluted and unnecessary, while the Governor’s latest drama felt overplayed and frankly, a bit boring.

This week was all about the past coming back to bite you in the “you know what.” The Lockhart/Gardner crew was forced to work with Cary and Alicia on a case they had started when they were one firm. But when Cary and Alicia took off, they also snatched one of the two clients. This seems rather unlikely since the two clients were madly in love and up for the same charge — why wouldn’t they decide to use the same lawyer?

But nonetheless, the two firms must deal with each other in the courtroom. And despite petitioning for two separate trials, the judge decides to combine the trials but use two separate juries. Whose cockamamie idea was this?

The clients — a middle aged professor and his hot young girlfriend — are under charges for smuggling drugs into the country.

At first they’re at each other’s throats: both firms are hoping to incriminate the other’s client. But they soon learn that two heads (or in this case, four) are better than one and that teaming up would be the best plan. And when Robyn discovers that the stewardess was fraternizing with a drug kingpin, it doesn’t take them long to prove that their clients were set up. Too bad only Lockhart/Gardner’s client goes free.

Meanwhile, Peter and Eli are dealing with a little drama over at the Governor’s mansion. After discovering a video of men bringing in a stuffed ballot box, Marilyn is conducting an investigation to get to the bottom. Ugh, yet another investigation? Really?

But Marilyn seems to be on a mission and is interviewing everyone involved, including Alicia and Will. When Peter refuses to waive attorney-client privilege out of fear for what Will might say, Marilyn’s investigation comes to a screeching halt and she’s forced to turn over her findings to higher authorities.

The best part of the episode, however, was Cary and Kalindas’s reunion. After their rocky history, Kalinda went to Cary to apologize. But Cary is still angry about Kalinda’s past indiscretions and plots a mini-revenge. He misleads Kalinda about one of her clients and then quickly pulls the rug out from under her feat, leaving a Lockhart/Gardner client for the taking.

But now that they’re even, Kalinda wants to be friends again. And unfortunately, since Cary has a soft spot for Kalinda, he gives in.

The episode felt overall rather redundant and unoriginal. But it was nice to see Cary play a larger role in the case and to see his relationship with Kalinda isn’t over qute yet…

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife?

image: CBS



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