Goodyear to fly blimp for Ice Cube and charity

By Marie Blake,

Goodyear agreed to fly their classic blimp in honor of the 20th anniversary of Ice Cube's 1993 hit "It Was A Good Day" for a Los Angeles charity.

According to LAist, Jon Barco and Andy Dao started a campaign to raise at least $25,000 for A Place Called Home, an organization that helps disadvantaged kids in south LA with enrichment, education, and mentoring programs. They used Ice Cube's hit as motivation to get others involved.

Braco and Dao created a Crowdtilt page for the event, where they hope to get a lot of fans to donate, and try to convince Goodyear to fly a blimp with the words "Ice Cube's a Pimp" on the side, on Jan. 20.

WENN reports that the campaign received a lot more attention after Ice Cube appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The interview caught the eye of Goodyear representatives.

Goodyear sent Ice Cube a letter about the cause, and their willingness to commemorate his hit song.

"[T]his unique proposal got our attention and we want to make sure this group of kids has a 'Good Day,'" the letter states.

The letter also describes that they would like Ice Cube to join the kids as a ride along, referencing his new film Ride Along, in theaters now.

"To make this a truly GREAT Day for the kids of A Place Called Home, we're inviting you to Ride Along with the kids and proudly display the message 'It's A Good Day' on the side of the blimp," the letter continued.

The message written on the blimp may not be what Barco and Dao wanted, but getting Goodyear to agree is still a great reward for the charity.

Image courtesy of ABC



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