Google is making 'smart' contact lenses

By Amanda Stewart,

Google is in the process of developing contact lenses that will measure the blood glucose level in tears, making it easier for diabetics who have to prick their fingers multiple times a day.

According to CNN, the new development by Google could make the daily task that is needed for diabetics far less invasive.

The model has tiny wireless chips as well as glucose sensors between two lenses. LED lights that will flash if blood sugar is too high or low are still being developed, but Google believes that the product will well.

"It doesn't look like much, but it was a crazy amount of work to get everything so very small," said Brian Otis, who is involved in the development of the lenses.

The project was unveiled Thursday after years of working on the smallest glucose sensor, according to The Associated Press.

The new product would be beneficial for approximately 382 million Americans who have to keep a close watch on their blood sugar throughout the day.

"People with diabetes base very important health care decisions on the data we get from our monitors," Otis said.

Karen Rose Tank, a woman that left her job after being diagnosed with Type One 18 years ago, is optimistic about the new possibilities for diabetics. "It's really exciting that some of the big tech companies are getting into this market," she said. "They bring so much ingenuity; they're able to look outside the box."

Google is currently looking for partners who will join them and put similar products on the market.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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