Great-great-grandmother hires male stripper for 100th birthday party

By Michelle Kapusta,

A woman decided to celebrate her 100th birthday by hiring a male stripper to take it all off for her and her friends.

According to the Retford Times, Doris Deahardie’s bash took place at a pub in Great Britain and the great-great-grandmother requested the “full monty.”

The Times also reported that Deahardie’s daughter-in-law Sharon said her mother-in-law had originally planned to celebrate the big birthday with a helicopter ride. But she had ideas for the pilot that involved more than just flying.

"She asked me if when she was in the air the pilot would strip for her!" Sharon said. "We told her that no, pilots don't do that, we'll have to get you a real stripper, and she chose one herself; she said 'he looks like he's been looked after'!"

Deahardie is not the first 100-year-old Brit to go wild when celebrating that all-important milestone.

In 2011, the Huffington Post reported that another woman in England, Clare Ormiston, had a bucket list and seeing a male stripper was on it, so she too received a show.

For these ladies to have even reached the age mark is impressive and they've earned the right to celebrate however they like.



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