Gunman shot dead by cops after he killed two Indiana women inside a grocery store

By Gina DiFalco,

A gunman opened fire at an Elkhart, Indiana grocery store on Wednesday night, killing two women. When Elkhart City police officers arrived on the scene around 10pm, they killed the shooter on the spot.

The incident occurred at a Martin's Supermarkets store, with the suspect being a 22-year-old white male. He shot and killed a 20-year-old employee and a 44-year-old customer. None of the names have been released.

Indiana State Police officer Sgt. Trent Smith told Elkhart’s WNDU, “It's a huge crime scene. The area where the shootings happened in the store are basically from one end of the store to the next. There were several rounds fired in there, both from police and the suspect."

As for a possible motive for this heinous crime, Smith offered, "You never know why this happens. People are depressed. People do things that are not rational. You just can't explain these things a lot of the times."

The two women were shot about 12 aisles apart in the huge grocery store. Afterwards, the store was put on lockdown and nearby businesses were shut down as well while witnesses were held for questioning.

NBC News notes the gunman had a semiautomatic handgun and a knife. When he turned his weapon on police officers, that’s when he was shot dead.

In a statement, Martin’s Supermarkets President & CEO, Rob Bartels, said the store will be closed on Thursday.

“We will be offering counseling services to employees today and for as long as necessary. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved and the entire community,” he said. “Additionally, we would like to thank everyone in the community for all your thoughts and prayers.”



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