'Hart Of Dixie' winter premiere recap

By Katherine Robles,

Tonight on The CW The Hart of Dixie aired its Season 3 Episode 9 episode titled, "Something to Talk About," which was a great start to the new year. Rose Hattenbarger is back. The episode started with Zoe, Zoe's cousin Vivian Wilkes, and Zoe's boyfriend Joel walking in the town of Bluebell after a tennis match. Wade walks by and Vivian looks at him. It is obvious that both Vivian and Wade like each other, from the way they are staring at each other, to the way that both thinks of dating the other. This leads to Zoe trying to set Vivian up with anyone but Wade.

Zoe walks with Rose listening to Rose wonder what she should do seeing as her other classmates have accomplished more things than she has that will get them into college. Zoe tells her about internships, which Rose agrees with. Rose then gets an internship with Dash DeWitt.

Meanwhile Lavon and George meet with the Mayor of Fillmore, Tod Gainey, and his lawyer Scooter McGreevey to discuss Bluebell and Fillmore merging together to become one big city. Gainey is for it, while Lavon is not. George and Lavon with the help of Tansy, go to a luau party held by Mayor Gainey to find information that could help them find a reason as to why Mayor Gainey would want to merge Fillmore with Bluebell. Hoping to find that Fillmore is bankrupt as the reason, they are shocked to find that the real reason is because Mayor Gainey wants to take over Bluebell and put a "Gainey Shopping Mall" in Bluebell's town square.

Back in Bluebell to stop Dash DeWitt and Rose from questioning the merger, Zoe, Joel, Wade, and Annabeth plan to spread a rumor. Wade leaves ignoring Zoe to go on his date with Vivian Wilkes. Annabeth and Zoe decide on Annabeth and Joel having a fake affair. In phase 1 of the plan Zoe talks of Joel and Annabeth "kissing." Annabeth then sends them anonymously to dash. Going their separate ways Joel and Zoe go to the Rammer Jammed where everyone goes silent as phase 2 of their plan has started. Dash published the photos and Zoe ends up throwing water on Joel twice.

Outside Zoe runs into Vivian, who was walking. She had a great time with Wade, Vivian says "I heard all the rumors about Wade. I grew up two towns over, but the Wade I was with tonight, he was not that guy." Vivian, knowing that Zoe had dated Wade, asks Zoe what she thinks. Zoe pleads the fifth, deciding it's best not to say anything, that she is Switzerland, neutral. Zoe is sure that Vivian doesn't understand her.

The next day Rose sees Lavon and Annabeth kissing. She calls Dash. Then we see her at the RammerJammer with Zoe and tells Zoe that she told Dash about the whole affair and it must have been made up to keep them from asking about the merger. Zoe tells Rose she has to tell Lavon.

Wade confronts Zoe about Vivian as she is walking. Zoe explains, but Wade basically says that not saying anything is worse than saying something, that Zoe can never forgive him for what he did, but that he wasn't the only one that ended their relationship.

Rose is able to get to Lavon and George before the town meeting, however, it is already too late. Dash posted the truth on his blog. Everyone at the town is angry at Lavon for hiding the truth about the merger. Admitting that the merger with Fillmore is still a threat, he tells the people of Bluebell not to panic, but they do.

Zoe speaks with Vivian. She tells her she is happy with Joel and admits that the break up was just as much as her fault as it was Wade's, that Wade can be a great person if he's with the right person. Zoe leaves and meets Joel at the Rammer Jammer.

At the Rammer Jammer Zoe and Joel are sitting at a table. Rose comes in with good news about an article she pitched to the editor of the Huffington Post about the "Murky ethics of journalism." She sits with them. Wade passes by happily giving them drinks on the house. Rose asks for white wine as well because it's something journalists drink. She takes Zoe's drink when she's not looking. Zoe than takes it back and the episode ends.

Throughout the episode we see Brick and Shelby. Shelby needs Brick for support as she is pregnant. I found that the Brick and Shelby story wasn't needed much in the episode.

image: The CW



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