'Hawaii Five-0' Recap: Season 4, Episode 13 - 'Hana Lokomaika'i' (The Favor)

By Cheryl Hollar,

The episode began with a masked bandit fleeing from a convenience store robbery as the store’s owner called 911 to report a robbery as well as the shooting of Lt. Kelly.

Following the theme song, the series reverted back 15 years and revealed the gunshot victim in the opening sequence to be Chin Ho Kelly’s father, who passed away later that night.

A Killer Revealed

A switch to present day revealed an Internal Affairs investigation into Chin Ho’s activities in the past five days regarding the arrest of the robber and killer of Chin’s father – Malia’s brother.

Five days earlier, a new case against Malia’s brother, Gabriel Wainwright, had begun with Five-0 when a tortured body was found. The body was later identified as that of Amos Coy, who was involved in a drug cartel out of Mexico. The boss of that cartel was Gabriel Wainwright.

Going back 15 years, an investigation into the death of Chin’s father led John McGarrett and Chin to a suspect in Pearl City, with whom John had previous dealings. This, however, quickly became a dead end.

Close to Home

However, John and Chin began looking at photos of the suspect’s known associates. As they perused the pictures on a wall, a young Kono walked in and immediately noticed a tattoo on one of those associates as being identical to a tattoo worn by Gabriel. It was quite distinctive and was the mark of a local gang.

Back to present day, one of the IA officers made a comment to Chin that it would have been easy for Chin to deal with Gabriel, since he was sleeping with his sister. Chin became hostile and left the room. McGarrett and Kono were waiting in the hallway, and McGarrett persuaded Chin to return to the IA interrogation, saying things would not go well for him if he left the way he did.

Then, it was McGarrett’s turn to be interviewed by IA. He told the two investigators in no uncertain terms that he himself would have booked Chin if he thought he was doing anything wrong at any point during the Gabriel Wainwright case.

Righting a Wrong

When Chin returned to the IA interrogation, he told the IA investigators he had no communication with Gabriel at all after Gabriel left to work on the Mainland and while he was married to Malia. The investigators presented Chin with a record of several calls from his home to Mexico over an extended period of time. Chin shot back that Malia knew how he felt about Gabriel and would not have wanted him to know of any communication between the two.

Back to five years prior, and McGarrett and Chin visited the home of Amos Coy’s wife and son. His son was being held hostage by two gunmen, while his wife was taken to a local bank by Gabriel. Gabriel wanted Coy’s wife to get the $2 million from the bank that Coy had stolen from him. He used her son as the bait and showed her photographs of Coy’s tortured body, saying her son would end up the same way if she did not get the money. Before she got out of the car, Five-0 arrived, and a chase between Chin and Gabriel ensued.

Chin chased Gabriel to the roof of a nearby building, where he shot Gabriel in the leg. Gabriel offered Chin $25 million if he would let him go. Chin refused, cuffed Gabriel, and began walking away. As he turned to lead Gabriel away, McGarrett stood on the roof, where he had heard everything that was said between the two.

The episode ended with Chin on the beach recalling the day he and Malia met. As he looked out over the sunset, the scene faded as the episode came to an end.

image: CBS



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