Hawaii man sentenced to 18 months in prison for hoax of a hijacking on Alaska Airlines flight

By Rebecca Walezak,

A judge sentenced a Hawaii man to 18 months in prison for falsely reporting an airplane hijacking.

The man, Timothy David Hershman, admitted in federal court last Thursday that he was drunk when he called the FBI last year to report a hijacking at an Alaska Airlines flight, reports The Associated Press.

Hershman, 60, made the call to get back at a roommate who had allegedly put fish guts in his truck. The call cost two Oregon National Guard fighter jets four hours of time and fuel that were sent to escort the flight to Seattle.

Authorities found the man Hershman accused of being the suspect and took him into custody. He was then questioned for nearly two hours.

According to Fox News, when the incident was discovered to be a hoax, a motion was filed requesting that Hershman pay to reimburse the government, a fine that would cost him $72,000.

The request to fine was denied by U.S. District Judge J. Michael Seabright last at the hearing due to Hershman’s inability to pay any restitution.



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