HBO cancels 'Hello Ladies' and 'Family Tree,' 'Getting On' may get renewed

By Kyle Johnson,

HBO has decided not to renew either new show, Family Tree and Hello Ladies, while the premium cable network is in discussions about possibly renewing Getting On.

Though neither freshmen series will return, the Stephen Merchant series will get a comedy special to end its run, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Neither show has been particularly strong with Family Tree premiering to 541,000 viewers and Hello Ladies managing only 463,000 before dropping in the following weeks.

Neither show also attracted much conversation or possible awards buzz, which can also play into HBO's decision about shows, which is why the network is always so happy with Lena Dunham's Girls.

Deadline reports that the Christopher Guest created show Family Tree was likely partially cancelled because it would require a complicated co-production with BBC.

HBO is currently developing several comedy shows in addition to the currently airing Looking and Girls. Togetherness, by the Duplass brothers, Brink, Silicon Valley and Ballers are in the pipeline.

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