High expectations for hip-hop at tonight's Grammy Awards

By Gina Masilotti,

Rap music is set to have a huge night at tonight’s Grammy Awards. New rapper, Kendrick Lamar, 26, had an extremely successful year as a new rapper and is up for a bunch of awards, including best rap album. Macklemore, 30, who is nominated for best rap album as well, has some thoughts on who he really believes should take home the award, although he’d love to take it home himself. Jay Z continues his success as he's up for the most awards for the night.

Macklemore believes Kendrick Lamar deserves to win the award for best rap album. Macklemore knows if he and partner Ryan Lewis win, they deserve it because they did make a great album, but he truly thinks Lamar deserves it.

Associated Press reports that Macklemore said, “I think that hip-hop can be at times resistant to change and when you see two white dudes from Seattle, Washington, rapping about gay marriage, it’s like ‘Hold up, this isn’t hip-hop,’ when it actually is. Hip-hop has always been about expansion, about pushing the genre, about challenging the listener.” Both Macklemore and Lamar are up for seven Grammys tonight, competing against each other for five of these.

Hip-hop had a huge year and the Grammys is honoring this with tonight’s nominations. There are two hip-hop albums up for album of the year and two up for best new artist as well. In the past, Outkast and Lauryn Hill have been the only two people to win album of the year for hip-hop albums and Hill and Arrested Development are the only two rap stars to ever win best new artist. Hopefully, for hip-hop's sake, some rap stars can be added to these lists. A rapper has also never won song or record of the year.

Jay Z is a rapper who is always nominated for tons of awards. This year, Jay Z is up for nine Grammys, leading the night in nominations. He’s up for best rap album, best rap song and best rap performance. He’s nominated for two best rap/sung collaborations, for “Part II (On the Run)” with wife Beyonce and “Holy Grail” with Justin Timberlake.

Rap stars Macklemore & Lewis and Kendrick Lamar both have platinum-selling debuts for top album and are hoping to take it home for hip-hop tonight by beating out Taylor Swift, Daft Punk and Sara Bareilles. We’ll have to wait until tonight to see if hip-hop will meet its high expectations of owning the night. A few hip-hop performances are also set to take place and be huge hits.

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