Homemaker in Brad Pitt’s company fixes company’s error, Pitt apologizes for mistake

By Hannah Gullickson,

Last month, Brad Pitt announced that he intended to rebuild the homes of the Katrina victims in Louisiana's Ninth Ward. By Wednesday, those rebuilt homes were found with mold rotting from the inside.

Radar Online reports that Pitt's charity, Make It Right, built these homes with a "non-burning glass-and-wood blend" from TimberSIL. This wood was supposed to last for 40 years, but Make It Right homeowner Nola Verrett said that mushrooms were growing from the wood. Make It Right representative Taylor Royle said, “It was unable to withstand moisture, which is obviously a big problem in New Orleans.”

However, Verrett found a way to combat this moisture, and she successfully replaced her glass-wood house with yellow pine. “It didn’t take no time at all,” said Verrett. “It’s just like they said. If something’s wrong, they make it right. We are very happy with our Make It Right home.”

The Huffington Post says that Pitt apologized for the company’s mistake. “Make It Right is ambitious and tries new things all the time in order to make our homes better,” he said. “Where we find innovative products that didn’t perform, we move quickly to correct these things for our homeowners.”

image: Wikimedia Commons


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