House approves $1 trillion spending bill, now headed to Senate

By Kyle Johnson,

The U.S. House of Representatives resoundingly approved the $1 trillion spending bill that both Republicans and Democrats had managed to agree upon only a day earlier.

With a vote of 359-67, the spending bill will keep the government funded and running through to Sept. 30, reports Reuters.

The "omnibus" spending bill is now on its way to the Senate, where they have three more days to debate and then vote. Current funding was set to expire at midnight Wednesday night, but a short extension was approved.

The spending bill marks a rare moment where both sides were able to come together and compromise and finally lay to rest worries of another government shutdown. While both sides are predominantly happy with the bill, the more conservative members of Congress weren't completely satisfied.

Though there are still spending cuts, the bill will give some military and federal workers a 1 percent pay raise. Disabled veterans and their families will also be spared somewhat by an upcoming pension cut.

Both sides spoke fairly positively about the spending bill, with House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rodgers commenting, "I think the most significant thing is this gets the train back on the track."

Senate Appropriations Chairman Barbara Mikulski also commented, "This agreement shows the American people that we can compromise, and that we can govern."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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